D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura Acorn-fed Iberico Shoulder, 5 – 5,5 Kg

D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura Acorn-fed Iberico Shoulder, 5 – 5,5 Kg

D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura Acorn-fed Iberico Shoulder, 5 – 5,5 Kg

DO Dehesa Extremadura 100% Black iberian (Pata Negra)

Designation Origin Dehesa de Extremadura Bellota Shoulder, is the expression of flavor and aroma of this product, carefully selected from Iberian pigs fed exclusively with acorns. Curing minimum time 20 months.

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MrJamon.com has as one of its main goals to publicize the Iberian products of Extremadura. It is therefore essential to introduce the new categories that were born from the new Iberico Standard, in order to ensure the prevalence of authentic Pata Negra ham.

The new Iberian ham Standard.

We would like to clarify these terms. There are three parameters that differentiate Iberian hams with others: race or pig genetics, nutrition, especially the last two months and finally the curing method and time. These three factors generate the quality of the product and consequently its price.

Nowadays there are only three different kinds of ham: Iberico ham, Acorn Fed Iberico ham and Serrano Ham. Inside the Iberico category, we must also distinguish between 100% Iberico animals from purebred Iberico, and Iberico, allowing up to 50% crossing other breeds with Iberian.

The Iberian pigs feeding time in the pasture field will be a minimum of 60 days. The Iberian pigs are fed with fodder in the farm, same as their cousins the white pigs, but with bigger surface of pasture than these ones. Only Acorn Fed Iberico pigs pasture throughout their whole lives in the fields and forests.

On the outside of the ham the fat covering the surface must be checked out. If we take a closer look we will see that there is an obvious difference. In the Serrano ham it is hard and white and in the Iberico ham, acorn fed and non-acorn fed, is softer and drips, and frequently the "llorones" are place to collect the oil that emerges. This typical fluidity of the fat that infiltrates between the muscle fibers is particularly relevant for the quality of Iberian hams.

On that same side of the ham, appears a number marked on fire or ink that indicates the week and year of the beginning of its curing period. It is a very detreminat factor, especially for the serrano ham, as it marks its category: cellar, 9 months; reserve 12 months; and grand reserve 15 months

In the Iberians, in the cebo are usually 20 to 24 months and in the acorn fed 30-36 months, depending on the weight. Such a long period is essential for the aroma of the ham, acquiring a nuance that every palate will be able to tell right away. Similarly, it is important to cut the ham properly to taste its full flavor.

This infographic shows you the three kinds of iberian ham. Iberico, Acorn Fed Iberico and 100% Black Iberian Acorn Fed Iberico, this last one is well known as Pata Negra Ham.

MrJamon.com only sell those hams from pigs that have been bred in the fields and forests of Extremadura and not on factory farms:

Norma del Jamón Iberico (ENGLISH)

Extremadura is one of the best preserved ecosystems in Europe with nearly a million hectares of pasture. Their exploitation is regulated so all natural resources have ensured their conservation and protection, and this unique environment and ecological paradise remains unchanged.

The oak tree with its fruit, the acorn, is the natural food base for Porks and provides a high content of mono unsaturated fat acids, especially oleic, with over 50 % similar to olive oil , so it will be a very important factor for the MEDITERRANEAN DIET .

It will make the fat in the HAM to have a heart-healthy characteristics cholesterol reducing cholesterol according to studies supported by American scientists. Not only tasty and succulent, but its specific properties will define it as a unique piece of food in the world .

The acorn-fed Iberian ham is low in calories and with a great supply of vitamins, and contain 50% more protein than fresh meat .

Because of its curing process, completely handmade and natural, our ham is a pure and aseptic food whose flesh does not suffer any kind of manipulation.

The Iberian ham is more than a food product is a deli with many virtues. Besides being a pleasure for the palate acts beneficially on our health.

La esencia del mejor jamon

Ham is an antioxidant and has a high content of vitamin E. Taking it with tomato doubles its beneficial effects. The quality of the fat from the Iberian ham is excellent , predominantly in its composition the oleic acid ( with levels above 50%), characteristic of olive oil. This facilitates the production of HDL (good cholestero) in the body, while reducing LDL (bad cholesterol).

Therefore moderate consumption helps to maintain an adequate level of cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease.

It offers a generous supply of B vitamins , especially B1 and B2 , only 100 grams of ham provides 24% of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin. It is rich in iron, magnesium , zinc and calcium, but especially phosphorus , contributing 30% of the recommended daily intake . It is a recommended food for low-caloried diets as 50 grams of Iberian ham only provides about 150 calories.

With the acorn-fed Iberian ham , taking care of your health is a pleasure.


( For every 100 grams of acorn-fed Iberian Ham ) :

Water: 57.5 g .

Protein: 28.5 grams.

Fat: 14.5 grams.

Carbohydrates: 0 grams.

Fiber: 0 grams.


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