Pata Negra Iberico hams selected from the best manufacturers in Extremadura.

Selection of Producers . Top Quality: Our Partners.

Extremadura , with about one million hectares of pasture , is an ecological paradise , with one of the best preserved ecosystems in Europe and becoming the region 's leading producer of Iberian pig.

The secret of Mr. Jamon is his success to having the best products from the best producers. They assure us their excellence , the quality , taste and aroma of their products are checked by our team of experts in the same drying room. We also ensure the fulfillment of all food certifications and health records.

All of them belong to the Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura , which is a guarantee by itself and also belong to Food from Extremadura .

Productos del encinar

Productos del Encinar is one of our first collaborators . Its headquarters is located very close to ours , in Valverde de Burguillos.

Began his business career in Extremadura in 1990. Since then, and under the watchful eye of ham masters experts , is continuously working on improving their production process , maintaining a quality control system adjusted to the most stringent European standards and managing their own self-control system to ensure health guarantee for all products , hams, shoulders and high quality cold cuts.

Furthermore, the quality and rigor applied to the industrial process are the constant that is followed on the treatment our products : piece by piece, with care , as the authentic Iberian products deserve

Notable among their products is the acron-fed Iberican Ham Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura , the controls in the field , the process of development and control of the final product to ensure the highest quality .

Frenegal ganaderos de la sierra

It is a farming cooperative with great tradition in southern Extremadura and northern Huelva located in Fregenal de la Sierra, south of the province of Badajoz and prestigious place in the world of Extremadura Iberian ham .

Created in 1989 by 90 people who wanted to unify their productions, currently has over 650 members mostly farmers dedicated to Iberian pigs although with important cottages , both as a vaccine and sheep comprising besides the two large regions of Badajoz and Huelva , a significant number of members of neighboring Portugal and some of the provinces of Cáceres , Sevilla , Málaga , Ciudad Real, etc.

It has a drying room for hams where the cured Iberican pork products are elaborated, acorn-fed animals sacrifice , part of them included to the Denomination of Origin label Dehesa de Extremadura , chosen among the best of their partners. Pieces are cured in natural drying rooms with great patience and regardless of the duration of such treatment, providing the final highest product quality.

Ibéricos Contreras

Ibéricos Contreras is a long-haul business and professional experience.

Created by Vitoriano Contreras, along with his family , initially as a small meat industry in the town of Monesterio , in the eighties became known the treasure of this land , ham, throughout Spain from the hand of Don Vitoriano .

Then came the Day of Ham , being one of the first industries supporting this party. The quality of its products, services and equipment, makes the level of satisfaction of our customers is very high , continuously working to offer the best value on the market.

Its main guarantee is the craftsmanship with which they treat their products.

Embutidos Morato

The MORATO name is linked to the ham industry in Los Santos de Maimona for over 100 years. The grandfather of the current owners , Felix Morato Carranza, started the family business by the year 1898 in a small house where he devoted himself to slaughter and sale of pork meat. He soon gained great reputation in the purest Extremadura preparation style.

The company continued to expand until our days , has modern facilities equipped with the latest technical means.

The production is still performed , following the tradition of craftsmanship and preserving the natural curing process of the hams and sausages processed with typical Extremadura ingredients.

Jamones y embutidos Romero S.L.

Family business that has over 70 years in the sector. Since its start about 1943 still use the same formula in their meats, getting a small-scale production of high quality and completely handmade. Being this quality its main distinction in relation to any company in the sector.

Regarding their hams and shoulders they have preserved and maintained the curing process as was being done once. Evenly this company is dedicated to feed and fatten most of the pigs slaughtered paying special attention and care in the feed, a feature that significantly affects the outcome of the product they sell.

All these factors make consumers loyal customers of their products.