Alimentos de Extremadura is an identity label created by the Regional Government to identify foods products produced in Extremadura. It is aunique Brand name that promotes regional food products.

Extremadura is known today for offering an environment characterised by water reserves and natural diversity, which makes it a unique region in Europe. The region offers all of this along with state of the art technology and businesses. Companies locate here due to the food security offered, providing safe, healthy and wholesome products. These products are recognised by the identifying logo "Alimentos de Extremadura" (Food from Extremadura).

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"Alimentos de Extremadura" is the new promotional logo designed by the Regional Government of Extremadura (Gobierno de Extremadura) to identify regional food products. It is the identifying logo for any product produced, processed and packaged in Extremadura. The logo also serves as a common promotional element by highlighting regional food production and promoting knowledge of these products aimed at consumers. Informing consumers increases familiarity and raises awareness.

alimentos_extremadura To dynamise the marketing of the agricultural products of Extremadura. To perform promotional activities at points of sale. To carry out joint advertising campaigns in some of the media. To perform sponsorship of acts and events. Collaboration with other institutions.
Advantages For Consumers
"Alimentos de Extremadura" offers renown food and beverage products with a clear regional identity which guarantees they were produced in Extremadura. Additionally, the products are endorsed by the Regional Government of Extremadura (Gobierno de Extremadura).
Hams and sausages of the ibérico pig

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The Iberian pig has formed part of the Extremaduran landscape since ancient times. The Romans were expert meadow livestock farmers, as well as producing salt-preserved hams.

This tradition has been maintained throughout history, conserving and improving a breed that is a real genetic treasure, an animal perfectly adapted to the ecosystem of the meadow, which performs the miracle, thanks to its unique metabolism, of changing the pasture and acorns it eats into one of the healthiest and most exquisite natural products you can enjoy: acorn-fed Iberian ham. Apart from being a healthy food and a gastronomic delicacy, it is one of the best exponents of the knowledge, tradition and happiness of village life.

The Ibérico pig accounts for about 20% of the final agricultural production in Extremadura.

It is an animal which is perfectly adapted to the ecosystem of the pastureland. The Ibérico pig possesses long, fine and muscular legs which allow it to travel over long distances on the pastureland in search of acorns (sometimes several kilometres a day).

In order to fatten one kilogram of meat, an Ibérico pig needs to consume more than 12 kilograms of acorns. It is only possible with a surface area of pastureland equivalent to one and a half football pitches per pig, conditions which are to be found in Extremadura.

Denominación de Origen Dehesa de Extremadura


The Regulatory Board of the Denomination of Origin "Dehesa de Extremadura” began its activity in the spring of 1990 (Extremadura Regional Gazette 30/5/90), subsequently being ratified by the Ministry of Agriculture (Spanish National Gazette 2/7/90).

The European Union recognised "Dehesa de Extremadura" as a Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) in June 1996, thus guaranteeing the prestige and quality of the Iberian hams and shoulders protected by our Regulatory Board at a Community level.

Our Denomination of Origin has constantly worked to improve and control the Iberian products protected within it in order to guarantee consumers that when they buy a ham or shoulder with our label they are buying a completely guaranteed natural product.