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A project that aims to bring to Europe the best Iberian products made in Extremadura, so this amazing food can be enjoyed in the same way we already do.


A different way .

Iberian Ham from Extremadura is fashionable. We want everyone to know about us , but in a different way . Breaking the stereotypes associated with this product . We want Europe to know that we are different and with new ideas. Approach them the product in a cool and modern way .

This is the reason why we launch MRJAMON.COM A place to find us online and where all Ham fans from all the surrounding countries can access these products   without additional and disproportionate costs.

Iberian ham Extremadura

From Where?

From Alconera . From Badajoz. From Extremadura .

From the manufacturers themselves we have. Without intermediaries to modify the characteristics of the product and ensure that it really is and has been prepared in Extremadura .


A young initiative. It claims to add and build on our people. With a team of people and supporters with great enthusiasm and desire to pursue a new idea, where our land and our products are recognized, in the same way as happens with other producing areas of Spain .

We are Pata Negra. We are MRJAMON.COM